Dear Our Current and Potential Customers

Firstly, we would like to say thanks for your partnership up until now. Your supports are invaluable to us which have made become who we are.

Who we are:

Mifaco, we are Vietnamese Furniture Manufacturer established in 2003 . We are very strong on Dining Collection, Living Collection, Bedroom Collection, Uphostery Collection and Sofa Collection. 80% of our exported customers are from the United States and 20% of our other customers come from United Kingdom and Korea.

We’re evolving our services:

There are 4 values which customers always gain from us:

–           Your Expected Quality

–           Reasonable Price

–           On Time Delivery

–           Friendly Working Environment

Starting from 2018, we would like to add one more value to our customers:

Designs. Leaving the beauty of your beloved products to our care, we are cooperating and working with various customers from various standard and markets. We understand the markets and we would love to know what you want.

People are the most important factor to us.

This is always our board of director’s philosophy from the day we have established in 2003 until now. Our people does not only do a great job of evolving our company until who we are right now but they also create our culture and identity which make us different than other companies. That’s why we have a lot of other activities for our employees such as social skills training, sport activities, celebration activites. We want to ensure they are happy and move forward with us to the future.

Who we are. we’re evolving our services. People are the most important factor to us.

To see further inspiration from us, please contact our business development team.

Assistant Of Bod : baolong@mifaco.com.vn

Email : info@mifaco.com.vn




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